Surfboard and wetsuit rental

  • Various boards
  • Level of difficulty: easy to intermediate

Surf boards for beginners and intermediates

Rent the right Surfboard for you at the surf camp Spain in Andalusia Conil. If you want to learn how to surf, you need lots of practise and the right equipment. At the surf camp, we have a wide selection of surf boards and wetsuits, so you won’t have to go through the trouble and costs of taking your own equipment on your holiday.

Furthermore, we will advise you on which type of board is best for any given surf spot around Conil. Whether it’s best to use a soft board, a short board, a fun board or a long board, we have the right one for you.

Our wetsuits are of the best quality and made by O’Neill or ION. We offer an insurance on our boards for € 5, to cover any possible damages. To rent one of our boards, you will have to provide us with a copy of your ID and a € 200 (cash) safety deposit.

Our Surfboard selection:

  • Short Surf boards: 6’00” – 6’10”
  • Fun Surf boards: 6’4” – 6’6”
  • Malibus: 7’00” – 7’6”
  • Long boards: 8’00” – 10’00”


If you are in Andalusia and have questions about the surfing feel free to write us a WhatsApp or call us for more information.

WhatsApp: +34 666 903 104

We look forward to your call!

Rental fees

  • Soft board

    € 20 for 2h
    € 100 per week

  • Hard board

    € 25 per day
    € 120 per week

  • Wetsuit

    € 10 per day
    € 50 per week