• Surfing lessons at the Surf Camp Spain, Andalusia, Cadiz
  • Surf Lessons in Cadiz, Conil, El Palmar

    Lean to Surfing with Surfcamp Spain

    Surfing Lessons, Cadiz, Conil, El Palmar

Surf lessons in Conil El Palmar with Surf Camp Spain Surf School !

  • Suitable for: 6 to 8 participants


Learn how Surf at the best surf spot for beginners in Andalusia Conil El Palmar !

Our highly motivated instructors are very experienced and well trained. After a few short Surf lessons and a whole lot of fun, you’ll be able to try your first waves with us! In a relaxed but professional atmosphere, we’ll teach you the basic necessary techniques, for example: the correct and safe way to handle your board, paddling and standing up.

With groups ranging from about 6 to 8 participants, our instructors will have ample time for individual support suited to your skill level, which makes our courses particularly family friendly. The lessons usually take place in the morning, depending on weather and wave conditions. One lesson takes about 2 hours.

Apart from the actual surfing lessons, you’ll also get some vital theoretical knowledge and learn everything that’s important about waves, currents, the tides, your equipment, safety and lots more.

The city of Conil has granted us a part of the beach specifically for our surf school, which means that unlike other surf spots in the area, ours will never be too crowded!

Duration and prices:

  • 5 days surf lessons (10 hours)

    125€ per person
    Equipment included

  • 1 day surf lesson (2 hours)

    25€ per person
    Equipment included

  • Private lesson (2 hours)

    70€ per 1 participants
    Equipment included

Our surf academy holds the required official Spanish license from the “Junta de la Andalusia” and “Turismo Activo”!

  • An exclusive surf spot in Conil!
    The best surf spot for beginners in Andalusia! No rocks or dangerous currents, and never overcrowded!
  • Surfing Lessons in English
    (But our instructors also speak German and Spanish!)
  • Beginner friendly, high quality surf equipment
    Surf boards, wax, leash, wetsuits by O’Neill and ION
  • Qualified surf instructors with over 20 years of experience in water sports
  • 5 mid-morning surf lessons per week
  • Free use of the equipment for practice after the lesson
  • Photo – Video service
  • Insurance for equipment and participants during the lessons
  • Travel support
  • Party and nightlife guide

Leave your troubles behind and enjoy the atmosphere at our chilled out O’Neill Surf Camp Spain!