• Whale-Watching

Whale watching Andalusia

  • Participants: 2-10
  • Level of difficulty: easy
120 - 180


Only a few towns over from Conil is the southernmost point of Europe, the small town of Tarifa. Not only will you be able to enjoy a breath taking view of the coastline of Africa from here (on a clear day), you can also travel the Strait of Gibraltar by boat and watch dolphins and whales. These fascinating sea creatures are splashing around the coast of this area between March and October.

These 2 to 3 hour tours are led by marine biologists, who know how to be cautious enough, so that the animals approach the boats all on their own. The friendly giants can come very close to the boat, often up to just a few metres away and sometimes even swim alongside you for a little while. Depending on the weather conditions, there are multiple tours available every day. The trip down is definitely worth it, as there is no other place in Europe where these creatures can be seen so abundantly. Groups of more than six people get a discount rate.

Rates and duration

  • Standard tour:

    2h – € 30
    (€ 35 in the months of July and August)

  • Big tour:

    3h – € 50