• Yoga Surfcamp Conil Spanien Andalusien

Yoga and Fitness Surf camp

  • Calories burnt: 400
  • Suitable for: 8-10 participants
  • Level of difficulty: easy to intermediate


Main goals:
Yoga, Fitness and surfing at the Surf Camp Spain in Andalusia
Mindful breathing, stretching, deep relaxation and guided meditation

Other goals:
Leave your troubles behind and enjoy your chilled out holiday with the perfect blend of action and relaxation.

Start your easygoing day with us at Surf Camp Spain by taking a morning class and strolling down to the wide, sandy beach of Conil for a surf. Not only can yoga help you de-stress from the everyday grind, it’s also the perfect way to prepare your muscles for a day of riding the waves. That’s why pro surfers practice both of these sports to train the soul and the body.

Doing yoga increases your stamina, strength, flexibility and body tension – in short, everything you also need for riding the waves. Our professional instructors here at Surf Camp Spain will help you explore this sport and enable you to experience how the gentle but intense workouts affect your body.

Yoga isn’t just a workout for your body, though; it can also change your perception. Yogis tend to be calmer and more ready to accept that some things are beyond their control, which is another important quality to have in the water. Nature won’t always send you the perfect wave. Much like surfing, yoga is a philosophy and a way of life.

Practicing yoga and surfing will help you manage your energy and treat your body in a more mindful way. At the Surf Camp in Conil, you will have the opportunity to get a taste of both of these sports. Enjoy the sun with us, and treat yourself and your body.

Duration and times:

  • Yoga Fitnees BodyArt Course: 90 min

    Group session: 20€
    per person

    Private session: 40€
    per person

  • Timetable

    8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
    5:00 PM – 7:00 PM