Yoga, Conil, Andalusien, Surfing, Surfcamp

Yoga, Conil, Andalucia, Surfing, Surfcamp

Fitness and Yoga Surfcamp in Conil Andalusia

Polarity Training is a kind of Yoga fitness to empower your Yin & Yang

Train with Polarity and find your balance of body, mind and soul.

All you need is your own body, the best tool for your training.

We train together on base of functional and holistic movement that improves your strength, flexibility and balance. The unique workout reduces stress, improves posture and neutralizes back pain. Take the time for you to switch off daily routine and you will feel a positive effect after your first training.

Also as a Surfer you benefit from Polarity training to improve your paddling technique and endurance so you can stand on the board with full body tension and ride the wave. At the same time you accelerate regeneration time, so that you can start the next surf session with full energy.

Polarity offers various formats of functional, dynamic group training and Yoga movements to lay the foundation for health and well-being:

bodyART & deepWORK

Bodyworkout, Fatburner, BBP, Animal Moves



Yoga lover pay attention – training with Polarity

Both, bodyART and deepWORK, are body&mind concepts which trace back to Yoga, however without spirituality.

The main focus of bodyART compared with Yoga is more on strength, and trains your stability, flexibility and balance.

deepWORK is a body&mind training full of energy for your strength, endurance and coordination.

They tie together your body, mind and soul, thereby feel free to select your own training level. The great thing about this concept, it offers different levels and is therefore suitable for everyone:

Men and women, young and old, hobbies or professional athletes, each one reaches its limits.

With bodyART and deepWORK you can take your time to feel yourself and pay more attention to your heart.

Surfcamp, Fitness, Conil, Andalusien Yoga